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Speak out Against or For any political, social, economical etc condition existing in Bangladesh. Or any Good or Bad Deeds of any of our sons/daughter of our Nation. We will try to let them know a piece of your mind.

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Ghuskhor Politicians
Does anyone know who is most corrupt?

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Politics in Bangladesh

Politics in Bangladesh exists now as it did few decades back. Yes Bangladesh is a Democracy, pretty young one, only since 1971. Those of you in USA might take pride in knowing that Democracy exists also in Bangladesh. Bangladesh had been a Part of Pakistan and before that part of British Empire. In another words the British Gang Raped Bangladesh for few hundred Years and the Pakistanis for a few decades. And now, well lets put it this way, Incest, yes It ( Bangladesh) is being taken daily and nightly by it own Founding Father, Uncles, Brothers and Sisters.

Democracy has been called on times.
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