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Table of Contents

API Overview
Application Examples
C Main Test Driver
Code Generation
Conditions: Empty Fields
Conditions: Null Checking
Conditions: Overview
Conditions: Rebinding
Conditions: Service Chains
Configuring the Visual Basic Client Code
Creating Conditions
Defining Regions
Deploying C/C++ Weblets
Deploying Clients: Overview
Deploying Excel 95 Weblets
Deploying Excel 97 Weblets
Deploying Java Weblets
Deploying Javascript Weblets
Deploying PowerBuilder Weblets
Deploying Visual Basic Weblets
Editing Input Bindings
Editing Output Bindings
Elements of WIDL
Examples of WIDL
Generating C/C++ Weblets
Generating Excel 95 Weblets
Generating Excel 97 Weblets
Generating Java Weblets
Generating Javascript Weblets
Generating PowerBuilder Weblets
Generating Visual Basic Weblets
Getting Started
HTTP Authentication
Inspecting Objects: Building References
Inspecting Objects: Extracting Raw Text
Inspecting Objects: Masking
Inspecting Objects: Overview
Inspecting Objects: Using Wildcards
Inspecting Objects: XML Documents
Interface Editor
Keeping Cookies
Macintosh Installation
Object Inspector
Object Model
Object References
Programmer Reference
Putting WIDL to Work
Release Notes
Remote Servers: Connecting/Disconnecting
Remote Servers: Publishing/Unpublishing WIDL
Service Editor
Starting the Local Server
Subject Index
Test Sites
The C Header File
Toolkit Configuration
Toolkit Menus
Toolkit: Overview
Tree View
Unix Installation
User Guide Style Notes
WIDL Overview
WIDL Specification
WIDL Variables: Form Variables
WIDL Variables: HEADER Variabes
WIDL Variables: Internal Variables
WIDL Variables: Overview
Web Automation - Support Resources
Web Automation - Technologies
Web Automation - User Interface
Web Automation Demos
Web Automation Road Map
Web Automation: A Simple Introduction
Welcome Banner
Win95/NT Installation
Working with Frames